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Kulukuri in english

Kulukuri Camper-Mobile boat/hut

Kulukuri Camper is a mobile hut and a boat
length 500 cm
width 170 cm
height 170 cm
weight 360 kg

Kulukuri Camper is CE certified in design category D. The certification has been used in module A.

Recommended maximum speed 15 knots (engine power 20-30 hp).
Kulukuri Camper carries a maximum of four people and correspondingly the maximum recommended load is 400 kg.

Kulukuri Camper has undergone a stability and buoyancy assessment according to standard EN ISO 12217-3:2013 in March 07, 2014. Testing shows Kulukuri Camper to be stable, as its tilt was 9.7 degrees while loaded with four persons of 85 kg (total 340 kg) on one side. The maximum inclination allowed by the test is 24.9 degrees.

Kulukuri Camper can be mounted on skis during wintertime and on wheels during summer. The bow houses a small kitchen corner equipped with a cooking plate and a boat heater. There is room for 4 camping beds inside. Kulukuri Camper can be customized based on customers request and special needs.

The walls, the ceiling and catamaran base is insulated with a 30mm thick thermal insulator urethane. The base has a surface area of 6.5 square meter. The base also houses a window measuring 60x60cm that can be used to survey marine life. There is an opening in the middle of the window to allow angling or ice fishing.

Kulukuri Camper can also used to a transport an small ATV or snowmobile for example, loaded by using separate ramps. Loaded Kulukuri Camper can be brought to the venturing point on a car trailer or a boat trailer. Kulukuri Camper can easily be loaded to and unloaded from a trailer either by hand operated or electric winch which is attached to the bow. The same winch can can be used to load Kulukuri Camper and also to raise and lower the boat anchor.

Kulukuri Camper comes with an optional auxiliary ferry sized 240x150cm that can be equipped with a fixed table and four garden chairs.

A swim ladder is located right in front of an emergency exit at the bow.

Kulukuri Camper comes with a large tarp which is attached to a large tailgate giving protection for fisherman and dry toilet seat.

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